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Friday, February 2, 2018  


First Half of the 2018 Session Coming to an End

Monday, February 5 is the last day for a bill to pass third reading in the House of Representatives. The second reading deadline for billsin the Senate is also next Monday. The third reading deadline in the Senate is Tuesday, February 6. The General Assembly will be in recess next Wednesday through Friday. The second half of the session will begin on Monday, February 12.That will leave four and a half weeks for the General Assembly to complete their business in this short session. With this short turnaround, it is anticipated that committee meetings will begin in earnest the week of February 12.

Indiana ASBO has been watching 106 bills during the first half of the session. From all indications, 42 of those bills will continue in the second house. The following are bills that IASBO was following but did not pass out of the first house:

SB 7, School calendar – the bill did not get a committee hearing. IASBO opposed the bill.

SB 205, School choice scholarships – the bill passed the Senate Education Committee and was recommitted to the Senate Appropriations Committee where it did not get a hearing. IASBO opposed the bill.

SB 234, Tax credit for education contributions – the bill had a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee but was not voted on. IASBO supported the bill.

SB 276, Tax increment financing districts – the bill did not get a hearing. IASBO supported the bill.

SB 364, Income tax credit for K-12 education donations – the bill had a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee but was not voted on. IASBO supported the bill.

HB 1045, Controlled project referendum – the bill did not get a hearing. IASBO supported the bill.

HB 1069, Distributed generation – the bill had a hearing but was not voted on. IASBO supported the bill.

HB 1165, School buses – the bill passed the House Education Committee and was recommitted to the House Ways & Means Committee where it did not receive a hearing. IASBO supported the bill.

HB 1284, Tax increment financing issues – the bill did not get a hearing. IASBO supported the bill.

House Floor Action

Yesterday, HB 1315 (School financial management) passed the House by a vote of 65-26. This was after over an hour of discussion on the bill. The day before, 32 amendments were filed on second reading of the bill. Only six were proposed, and the two Republican amendments passed. HB 1315 has three parts: (1) Gary Community Schools school board; (2) Ball State University taking over the governance of the Muncie Community Schools; and, (3) the creation of the School Corporation Financial Condition Analysis.Indiana ASBO is specifically involved with the financial indicators portion of the bill. The sponsors of the bill in the Senate are Senators Mishler and Bassler. It is anticipated that there will be changes in the bill as it is debated in the Senate.

IASBO will provide a report on the House and Senate actions next week as the first half of the session ends.


Today is the deadline for submitting nominations for the IASBO Awards Program. Nominations are for the Treasurer of the Year, School Business Official of the Year and the School Support Professional of the Year. The nomination applications can be found on the IASBO website.


Indiana ASBO is accepting nominations for the position of IASBO Treasurer. This is an officer position on the IASBO Board of Directors, and is a five-year commitment. IASBO members may nominate another member or you can nominate yourself. Weedie Smith, IASBO Past President is the Chair of the Nominating Committee, and nominations should be sent to her. Weedie’s email address is: If you have questions on the Treasurer position, please contact Weedie or Denny Costerison.


Out of State Open Enrollment Students-

Are there any districts that accept out of state open enrollment students? I would like information including district policies, procedures, transfer tuition practice, etc. Thank you- Dana Bogathy, Tri-Creek School Corp Business Manager


Position: Corporation Treasurer
Corporation: Lewis Cass Schools
JOB GOAL: To assist in the administration of the district's business affairs so as to provide the maximum educational services with the financial resources available


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance preferred or a minimum of 5 years as a school treasurer.
  2. Experience in school finance and budgeting or a greater understanding of public funds, taxes, and the Division of Local Government Finance (DLGF).
  3. Possess accounting/finance software management skills and computer production skills (Windows-based software including, Komputrol, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Google documents, and data collection).
  4. Human Resource experience and the ability to develop effective working relationships with others.
  5. Professional dress and appearance is a must.
  6. Must be competent in language arts and math.
  7. Ability to interact professionally with adults and children with a positive attitude.
  8. Desires to continue professional and personal development.
  9. Maintain confidentiality on job related tasks.
  10. Other qualifications as established by the board.

Contact Person: Tim Garland, Superintendent, Lewis Cass Schools, 100 S. Main Street, Walton, IN 46994, 574-626-2525.


Position: Superintendent
Corporation: North Putnam

For application information or questions contact: Michael Adamson, ISBA Director of Board Services, 317-229-3270.


Position: Superintendent
Corporation: Covington Community School Corporation

The Board of School Trustees of the Covington Community School Corporation invites nominations and applications for the position of Superintendent of Schools. Please find on our corporation website under employment and advertisement for the position and an application form.These documents may be downloaded. The application form describes what must be done to complete the application process. For an application to be considered complete the applicant must submit the following:

  1. Cover letter explaining why the candidate is a good fit for the position and includes the candidates mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number(s);
  2. Resume giving a summary of professional work experiences and education;
  3. List of references with contact information;
  4. Completed application form;
  5. Copy of college transcripts.
  6. Answers to the six identified questions on page 2.

Questions about the superintendent search may be directed to Thomas Austin at 1-765-623-5430.

Dennis L. Costerison
Executive Director



The Indiana Association of School Business Officials is a professional organization founded in 1946 that promotes the school business management profession.