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Thursday, January 25, 2018  


House Ways & Means Committee

Yesterday afternoon, the committee met to amend HB 1315, school financial management.  Representative Tim Brown is the author of the bill and the amendment to the bill.  HB 1315 contains three main components: language dealing with the school board for the Gary Community Schools; the school corporation financial condition analysis; and, language permitting the Ball State University board of trustees to govern the Muncie Community Schools.  The bill was amended by a vote of 14-7 to update the original bill regarding the first two components and adding the Ball State language.  Four other amendments were presented by the Democrats on the committee and all failed on party-line votes.

Indiana ASBO testified last week on the original bill and requested more details on the process and procedures for the financial condition analysis.  The amendment passed on HB 1315 added more clarity to the fiscal indicators and how the distressed unit appeals board would assess a school corporation’s financial condition.  The bill creates the fiscal and qualitative indicators committee who will determine the indicators that will be used to evaluate the fiscal condition of school corporations.  The committee will be composed of one representative from the following state agencies: distressed unit appeals board; department of education; state budget agency; state board of accounts; department of local government finance; and the management performance hub.  In addition, a member of Indiana ASBO appointed by the IASBO Board of Directors will be a member of the committee.   The amendment also deletes the punitive language that stated if a school corporation had been on a “watch list” for four consecutive years that the superintendent would have their license revoked or suspended.  The amended bill passed the committee by a vote of 16-7.  There is still work to do on the financial condition analysis, but the amendment did provide more structure to the process and procedures.



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