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General Assembly Activities

Monday, January 22, 2018  
Senate Floor Action
This afternoon, the Senate passed SB 189, K-12 funding, by a vote of 49-0.  SB 189 is the Senate version for making up the state tuition support deficiency.  Representative Siegrist is the primary House sponsor.

HB 1069, Distributed Generation
Last week, the House Utility Committee passed HB 1069, distributed generation.  The bill provides that an electric customer who is a school corporation or municipality that installs a net metering facility after December 31, 2017 will be served under the terms and conditions of the net metering tariff on the customer’s electricity supplier until July 1, 2037.  This is a very positive bill for school corporations looking at solar energy in the future.  IASBO greatly appreciates the efforts of Representative David Ober on HB 1069.

Committee Schedules

Tuesday, January 23
House Education Committee – 8:30 am – House Chamber
HB 1398                Coalition of school corporations
HB 1420                Various education matters
HB 1426                Education matters

House Committee on Government Reduction – 8:30 am –Room 156D
HB 1004                Various state and local government matters

Wednesday, January 24
Senate Education Committee – 1:30 pm – Senate Chamber
SB 65                     Instruction on human sexuality
SB 157                   Real world career readiness program
SB 205                   School choice scholarships
SB 217                   Dyslexia
SB 297                   Employability skills curriculum
SB 303                   Various education matters
SB 434                   Study committee

House Ways & Means Committee – 1:30 pm – Room 404
HB 1104                Property tax matters
HB 1315                School financial management

Senate Local Government Committee – 1:30 pm – Room 130
SB 383                   Specifications for local public work contracts

Thursday, January 25
House Education Committee – 8:30 am – Room 156C
HB 1399                Elementary teacher content area licenses
HB 1016                Student journalism
HB 1165                School buses

Dennis L. Costerison,
IASBO Executive Director